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I'm dedicated to helping executives & athletes

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Enhance Their Mental Stamina

Remove Pressure & Stress

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Thrive In Their Discomfort Zone

Develop Unstoppable Discipline

Boost Their Happiness

Become More Calm & Relaxed

Change Their Self-Talk

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In this fantastic (and free) download you'll learn how to train your brain like an athlete every morning, to master your motivation, hone your focus and be the best you can be.


Are you an Athlete?

In this brilliant (and free) download, you'll find out how to train your brain every morning for optimal and consistent performance, both in your training and competition, as inspired by the world's most successful people.


Our athletes that have moved forward to the USA Climbing team this year have been getting some new type of coaching. Transferring to the world stage of climbing competitions can be nerve-racking. Thank you Adelaide Goodeve in England. She’s a competition mindset coach and we are so thankful to have her help this year:

“Been struggling through this week's training. But making huge leaps with my mindset coach! Becoming more confident, independent, and centred in my climbing!” - Whitney Pesek, Member of the USA Adaptive Climbing Team

Kareemah Batts | Founder of Adaptive Climbing Group and Manager of Brooklyn Boulders Foundation

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All Athletes Know, Coaching Isn't A Luxury - It's A Necessity.

"What separates the gold medalists from the silver medalists [at the Olympic games] is simply the mental game." - Shannon Miller, Olympic gold medal gymnast.