Hey! I’m Adelaide and I teach business leaders and athletes how to develop champion mindsets and achieve their potential.

Each week I share updates, how-to and inspirational content to help you achieve your potential.




I fully recovered from 4 years of severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome using a combination of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis and coaching. I use these powerful tools to help ambitious business men and women and sports performers overcome personal challenges quickly and achieve their potential.

I'm driven to discover what I'm capable of and in 2017 I became an Ironman with just 1 year of training (and it was my first triathlon)! I've cross-country skied across Svalbard, ridden across Mongolia and adventured on every continent except Antarctica!

Are you a Business Leader or Athlete?

Do you need to overcome some personal challenges fast or looking to develop a champion mindset and achieve your potential?

I can work with you in person or on Skype to help you with:

  • Overcoming slumps

  • Negative self-talk

  • Stress and anxiety around work, before or during games and/or adventures

  • Lack of focus and concentration

  • Low self-confidence

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Everyday worry about achieving goals

  • How to prepare for big work events, tournaments, tryouts, games or adventure

Send me an email to adelaide@lillywild.com or chat with me via my bot to find out how I can help you!

“I feel like I’ve walked out a whole new person!”

JANE | Coaching Client

“Working with Adelaide enabled us to create our brand and website. She helped focus our ideas by asking the right questions and providing us with tools and examples we could use.

By the time we finished working together, Adelaide had developed an innovative website which expressed who we are and clearly communicated our brand to our clients.

Additionally, she ran a comprehensive training session that up skilled us to be able to update and adapt the website as our needs should change.

From logo development through to colour scheme and website text, Adelaide was able to support us at every stage.”

JIMMY BANGASH | Integrative Coach & Co-Founder of Integrated Wellness

“Adelaide was a tremendous help in coaching me towards one of my biggest goals; being in a Salsa Dance Performance.

I had seen my many previous attempts not coming to fruition as ‘failures’. Adelaide helped me reframe how I looked at each attempt as a wonderful life learning lesson.

From there we mapped out my goal and dream to perform salsa with a troupe and how to chunk it down into small, achievable steps. I now have a roadmap for achieving this long awaited dream and more confidence than ever!”

TAMARA O'BRIEN | Marketing Director for Health and Wellness Professionals

Ready to achieve your potential?

Learn how to develop an adventure mindset to help you overcome the seemingly impossible.

Hear about my greatest lessons, the highs and lows of cross-country skiing for 9 days across an Arctic island.

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Watch this short inspirational film to get your running mojo back (and for cool drone footage)!

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I interview some of the world's most extraordinary people, those who push their boundaries and will shift your perception of what's possible.

Together we’ll learn their most important practices, tools and tactics that help them achieve their potential.

Most popular episodes...

“‘Podulated’ I couldn’t not start my review by joining two words together, could I. So what does it mean? Podcast stimulated!

I had never listened to a Podcast before I downloaded The Wild Show and I am hooked! I even binned off my favourite talk radio station so that I could listen to them all and catch up ready for season 2! I loved all of the interviews and they all compliment my own drive for adventure!”

KERIANNE | Health and Safety Manager and Athlete

Great intro from [Extreme endurance adventurer] Sean Conway and have listened to this 2 or 3 times today. Kev [Merrey] is so down to earth but a real motivation.

GLEN | Listener

“Love this podcast, really beautiful visually which a lot of podcasts these days lack. I’ve been looking for a new motivational podcast and this is it!”

DANIELA | Listener

“Just listened to the whole show. I’m really pleased with it. I’m actually slightly emotional about it. And I think you do an amazing job all round.”

KEV MERREY | Podcast guest and Adventure Filmmaker

“This was without a doubt the most inspiring 55 minutes of my 2018! Meg Hine shares a fascinating insight into her personal mindset and view of the world and the wild.

Adelaide also adds her own brilliant application of Meg’s wisdom, perfect for those of us whose survival mindset focuses more on personal challenges than life-threatening survival situations.”

CATHY BUSSEY | Telegraph Contributor and Author of cycling guide: The Girl's Guide to Life on Two Wheels

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Each week I share how-to, actionable and inspirational content to help you achieve your potential - whether you're in business, sport or both.

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“This is awesome! Thanks for the inspiring keeping us inspired!

TAMMY | Subscriber and listener

“I love reading Adelaide’s blogs – they are always jam packed with useful information and top tips. She communicates in such a clear style, the information just flows in. Whether it is on mindset, beliefs, how to achieve happiness and overcome fears.

Adelaide has a very open style, and she is also not afraid to put herself out there and share what she has learned on her own personal journey. If you are looking for inspiration, motivation and easy advice and tips to follow, you need to read this blog.

Plus you have to subscribe to her Wild Wednesday newsletter, which I look forward to receiving each week!!”

SARAH WILLIAMS | Founder and Host of The Tough Girl Podcast and first ever guest on The Wild Show

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